Go Bold With Bolder Lip Shades: How to Pick Your Shade?

Each one of us beautiful people have their favourite MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade that we swear by and why not, it suits us and is easy to carry. However, professional makeup artist in Delhi NCR and around the world are of the opinion that it is a great time to experiment with a few out of the box shades, that you always wanted to try but were too afraid to try. The fear could be of anything, fear of the shade not suiting you, people judging you or it could be just lack of confidence. But guess what! We are halfway through 2021 and if we do not experiment now, then when? 

Most of us are mostly home and have time to try a few bolder shades and get used to it. There are so many inexpensive ‘mini lipsticks’ in the market. You can think of getting those and try experimenting. Bold colours might take time to get used to but once you start loving them on yourself, there’s no going back. Are you worried that all the lipsticks that you bought which don’t suit you will go to waste? It will not. If you ask or watch any of the professional freelance makeup artist in Delhi NCR, they always mix their lipsticks to create various looks. You can always mix and match your bolder shade with the lighter one to tone it down until you get used to it.

But the real question here is how to pick a bold shade. As explained above, one way is to experiment (trial and error) and keep trying shades until you find the one you fall in love with. Another way could be to first determine the tone of your skin. 


Every woman who is entering the bold lip trend must get a red lip shade. It is universal, every freelance makeup artist in Delhi NCR and all around the globe suggests that. If you have warm undertones and are fair, you should get a red lip shade that has a tint of orange in it. This instantly brightens up your face. Deeper skin with cool undertones must go for blue based red lipstick.


These shades are little goth and a lot bold. These colours were a huge trend back in the 90s and if you go look at your mother’s makeup bag, maroon is a dominating shade. If you lean towards a fair spectrum of skin tone then deep maroon and burgundy are the shade for you. For my deeper skin queens, oxblood and plum shade with deeper tone looks best on them. 


Few browns are MLBB shades but most require that oomph of confidence to carry, but look phenomenal. A brown shade can look nude on deeper skin tone and dark gothic on fair skin tone. So, this is the best colour to experiment with. Get a brown MLBB shade, once you are comfortable with it, get 1 shade darker until you find your balance of bold.


Okaay! Leaving your house in a purple shade of lipstick may seem like an outrageous thought but if you know your style, you can totally rock it. Lilac shade can easily be replaced for soft pinks for fairer skin tone and deeper purple, is best for our dusky beauties. Purple is definitely bolder than all your staple but it is totally worth a try.

To look your best on any occasion, and suggestion on the type of lip shade you should go for, you can visit Devika, professional makeup artist in Delhi NCR. You can follow her on Instagram- devika_makeupartist. For more enquiries you can visit her website

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