Sure-shot Tips to Get That Beautiful Bridal Glow on Your Wedding Day!

Wedding stress is a real thing and it can negatively impact your skin.


There are ton loads of excitement for you D-day, the day you have been waiting for since so long. But with excitement also comes responsibilities, shopping, unhealthy snacking and few sleepless nights. This does take a toll on the health of your skin. Even the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi NCR or anywhere else will not be able to mask the dullness and the stress out of your face. 

So, what we need is a strict regime that will help your excitement to show through your face with the sheen and glow. Devika, Bridal makeup artist in Delhi NCR shares few tips that will help you achieve that perfect glow even without makeup-

Beauty Sleep

This is the most obvious and expected tip and it is for a reason. A well-rested person is active throughout the day, have ability to take up responsibilities better and also looks fresh. Skin makes collagen when you sleep and this chemical makes your skin radiant and youthful. This is a part of the repair process. Sleeping less means less collagen and hence more fine lines. A well-rested bride, always shines!

Skin Care

If you are not already, it is important to follow a morning and a night skin care routine. Morning skin care includes a gentle cleanser, followed by either rose water or toner of your choice (depending on the skin type), this helps with the pores on your skin, then followed by a hydrating moisturiser and then very mandatory sunscreen. Never be without sunscreen during the day even if you are inside. Sun exposure, direct or in direct is not great for your skin. 

At night, you can follow the same procedure, minus the sunscreen and must add either a sleeping mask or repair serum/oil (again, depending on your skin type) for the glow that will last you entire next day. As stated by many dermatologists and bridal makeup artist in Delhi NCR and in India, at night, all your cells are working towards repairing and it is important to give it a push by following proper skin care routine. 

Healthy Diet

What goes inside the body reflects outside. Well! To ask you to completely eliminate laddoos and everyday Indian wedding snacks is impossible but make sure that you keep the rest of the day clean and healthy. Follow a strict diet with lots of greens, fruits and fresh ingredients. If necessary, you can take help from a professional nutritionist, and he/she will help you with a diet as per your requirement. 

Practise Yoga and exercise 

If you start working out just a week before your wedding, it will not miraculously show results. This you will have to plan a minimum 6 months or even 3 months prior, if you have the dedication required. Sweating it out removes toxins from your body. Improved health from inside also shoes from the outside. Practising yoga helps you to relieve stress. 

Then there are skin treatments and dermatologists visits that will help you achieve the glow but the tips above are something you will have to start on your own for better results. 

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