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Your base has to be perfect for your entire look to come together. It is a building block of your entire makeup look, whether you are going for a subtle party makeup or a heavy bridal look.
If the base is not right, even if all the efforts are applied later on in the eye look or lips, the makeup wouldn’t look dainty as you want it to be. Perfecting base can sometimes sound complicated, which it might be, but if you follow certain tips and tricks that has been vouched by most makeup artist in Delhi NCR and around India for Indian skin tone. You can achieve the flawless look you deserve.

Prepare your Skin

Also widely known as Skin prep. The process includes various skin care routines. In order to know which routine will work for you, it is important to determine your skin type and choose products accordingly. Mostly the process remains the same but the product changes according to skin type like, for dry skin it is important to use oil-based products and for oily skin, water-based products are recommended. Similarly, for each skin type, there is a different product. But let us first know the basic steps of Skin Prep:


This method has to be the first step. It is extremely crucial to have a clean and dried face before starting any routine.


When you wash your face, the pores are dried out. In order to get life back at your face, it is important to tone your face. Your pores will thank you for this.


If you speak to the best makeup artist in Delhi NCR or anywhere, they will tell you that moisturization is the most essential step in your skin prep. It creates a solid base for your face so that your makeup can glide on smoothly. 


This is a no-brainer. Sun damages your skin slowly and in the long run. It is a necessity to apply sunscreen even if you are going to be indoors.

Now that your skin is Prepped to perfection, let us give you some tips from professional makeup artist in Delhi NCR for your ‘Makeup Base’:

  • Choose foundation matching your skin tone and undertone
  • Concealer to hide marks should be of the same shade as your foundation and highlighting concealer should be a shade or two lighter
  • To bring back shadows and colour to your face, do not forget to contour your face
  • Do not forget to highlight your high points of the face
  • Add blush for the flushed look

Makeup is an art, and creating that perfect base is not a one-day job. It takes practice, skill and knowledge but with few tips, you can ace your Base makeup like a queen.

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